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What is the motor vehicle inspection? It 's the mandatory periodic inspection of the vehicle provided by the Highway Code.

How often my car needs to be inspected? On its 14th year of life and every 2 years thereafter.

Coupon: what is it, how often (km / months) should be done and why? Routine maintenance of the vehicle recommended by the manufacturer and necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle over time. The coupon should be done at least one time per year and within 20,000 km. There are also different intervals depending on the type of vehicle; for details, please, contact the car service.

If my car stops what am I supposed to do? Whom do I have to call? First you have to wear a reflective jacket, then analyze the position of the car in order to identify possible hazards due to traffic, and then place the triangle 50 m. before the car. If the insurance coverage includes the roadside assistance, please, call free-toll insurance number, otherwise contact us (338/6515674 – 24h/24h)

If my car stops while I’m on the highway, how am I supposed to behave? Exactly as described above for what concerns the safety rules and the rescue call. Considering the usual intense traffic on the highways, we recommend you not to turn the car around and to contact immediately the company or the rescuer.

If a red light on the dashboard lights up what do I have to do? Turn immediately off the vehicle, check the user’s manual and contact the car service.

When should I replace tyres? The tyres must be replaced by law when the tread is thinner than 1.6 mm. Consider, however, that the tread depth is proportional to the road grip of the vehicle and that, after 4 years, the rubber of the tyres is no more efficient. In case of thermal tyres the years are 3.

If I install an LPG or CNG, do I risk to damage the engine? No. The professional installer must assure a proper transformation.

Which warranty do I have for LPG or CNG system? 2 years after the issue of the receipt (natural person) or 1 year from the issue of the bill, as provided by Law. This does not mean that our installation is not designed to last for the whole life of the vehicle.

What guarantee do I have on maintenance? 2 years after issuance of the receipt (natural person) or one year from the issue of the bill, as provided by Law.

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