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Car performances are transferred to the ground through the tyres, the only point of contact of a vehicle with the ground. Then you can figure how much technology there is behind the tyres design and production. An unaccurate work on tyres can easily invalidate many skilled engineers’ hard work.
Our tyre repair shop is equipped with a computer for wheel alignment, which guarantees the accuracy required by manufacturers in the settings of the toe in, camber and caster. This is the secret that ensures your tyres a long life, a proper steering alignment and the best roadgrip.
Moreover, we propose the best tyres for your vehicle’s road use to enhance the quality / time / money performance.
We exclusively deal with brand-new products, as we purchase and install tyres of major brands like PIRELLI, MICHELIN, DUNLOP, CONTINENTAL, NOKIAN, UNIROYAL, TOYHO and others on a daily basis.

It is possible to book winter tyres since August, taking advantage of more favorable prices. We will accurately prepare them for the fall season. Moreover, a convenient tyres storage service is permanently available to our Customers, so we will store your off-season tyres for you.


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